Jammin at Hippie Jack’s Volunteer Information

Hippie Jack’s is a lot of fun AND remember, you are committing to being at Hippie Jack’s and working your assigned duties & hours. Please take pride in your part by reading all the information. We are grateful for YOU & count on YOU. THANKS! -Volunteer Coordinators! Micah, Lynn, & Carter.

VOLUNTEERS work 12 hours in exchange for a weekend ticket that includes overnight tent camping (meals are not included). The 12 hours can be completed during the festival or Pre/Post Festival. Shifts are 3-hours each. We rely on our volunteers to help make Hippie Jack’s the great festival that it is.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Location: Bus
Job Duties: This is the open slot where you can be doing just about anything. Floaters help if someone does not show up for a shift, or if we need extra help.
Special Requirements: Flexible and willing to help with whatever necessary.

Stage Crew
Location: River Stage
Job Duties: Helping, Hippie, the stage manager, and the sound crew get musical acts on and off the stage in a timely manner. You may be asked to stand by the stage for the entire show or move between the bus and the stage escorting acts and carrying equipment.
Special Requirements: Must be detail oriented and good at working quickly. Ear plugs may be needed.

Concessions/Ticket sales/parking attendant
Location: Merch Tent or Ticket Bus.
Job Duties: You will be selling a variety of things – from tickets at the bus to clothing and merchandise at the Merch Tent.
Special Requirements: Must be honest, detail oriented, good with numbers and know how to work simple cash register systems.

 Kids Tent
Location: Kids Tent
Job Duties: Wide variety of Job Opportunities, assist with setting up & cleaning up painting and playthings for children each day.
Special Requirements: MUST like kids, use APPROPRIATE language.

Green Team
Location: Bus
Job Duties: You will be helping with the GREENING of the festival. This includes trash and recycling pick up, bin maintenance, and keeping the grounds clean.

Grounds Crew
Location: Festival Grounds
Job Duties: The following daily chores will need to be done – plugging in all lights at dusk, filling and lighting the tiki torches, building and lighting the nightly bonfire.

Office Assistance
Location: COARM offices 642 Shiloh Rd, Crawford TN 38554.
Job Duties: Answering phones, customer service and general office assistance.
Special Requirements: Good with organization and the public.

COARM Outreach Table
Location: Merchandise tent
Job Duties: There are a variety of things that you may do while working the outreach table. Answering questions about COARM as a non-profit organization, distributing information about the mission and the services COARM provides – including sponsorship opportunities, taking donations, and distributing surveys. Also, you may be selling raffle tickets or working with the silent auction.
Special requirements: Must have volunteered with Hippie Jack’s in the past, be good with the public, and like to talk.

Before the Festival
Location: Festival Grounds
Field maintenance, mowing, weed eating, and general set up of campsites, pickin’ stage, tents, fencing, field signs, road signs, and anything the field crew leader needs done leading up to the Festival.
Special Requirements: Must be able to handle heavy lifting, and fieldwork. Bring a weed eater if you can (gasoline will be provided), work gloves and wear long pants and good shoes.

After the Festival
Clean-up Post Festival
Location: Festival Grounds
General take down & cleaning up of pickin’ stage, tents, field signs, road signs, and anything the field crew leader needs done after the Festival.
Special Requirements: Must be able to handle heavy lifting, and fieldwork. Wear work gloves and good shoes.


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