Season 9

Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Kevin Gordon, Gretchen Peters, Mic Harrison & The Highscore, The Delta Saints, Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart, Jimmy Davis, Tim Easton, Kim Richey, Don Henry, Mountain Soul, The Flea Market Hustlers, Rod Picott, Sam Lewis W/ Kenny Vaughan Trio, Outlaw Gospel



#901 Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott
O’Brien and Scott were already accomplished thirty-something players, record makers and writers when their respective publishers first put them together in the standard Nashville fashion. That initial meeting, which took place in a Music Row writing room near the tail end of the last century, quickly morphed from an arranged collaboration to a “Where have you been all my life?” moment for both artists. O’Brien, who hails from West Virginia, was steeped in bluegrass and country, while Scott, from nearby Kentucky, straddled country and rock ‘n’ roll. “Tim and I both felt like we met at Hank Williams,” says Scott, noting that Hank’s music had been a passion of his musician father Wayne Scott, and those seminal records had been the younger Scott’s sacred texts growing up, as they were for O’Brien, along with the bluegrass canon. “Both of us can push the country button and be there,” says Tim of their common ground. “We just stretch toward each other till we intersect.”

#902 Beth Nielsen Chapman
From writing hits for other artists to recording her own, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Nashville based singer- songwriter has truly embraced musical diversity. A breast cancer survivor, environmental activist, teacher of workshops and lecturer on the magic of creativity, which she believes is a birthright of everyone, Beth’s passion, when you get right down to it is still ‘the song’.

#903 Kevin Gordon
Gordon’s songs have been recorded by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Levon Helm of The Band, Ronnie Hawkins, Kate Campbell, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, and others. The title track from his Down to the Well CD, a duet with Grammy-winner Lucinda Williams, was featured on two prominent compilations: the 2001 Oxford American Southern Music Sampler, and No Depression: What It Sounds like, Volume 1,released by Dualtone in 2004. Gordon tours regularly throughout the U.S., and is a regular performer at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Louisiana Folklife Festival. Also a published poet, Gordon holds an MFA degree from the renowned University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. He lives in Nashville with his wife and two children.

#904 Gretchen Peters
Peters’ own voice and guitar playing have been at the core of her music since she started performing in the Boulder, Colorado folk circuit as a teenager. Inspired by Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and a new generation of songwriters rising out of Nashville that included Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith and Rodney Crowell, Peters relocated to Music City in the late 1980s. Initially she found Nashville inspiring. “Being in a place where you can hear so many good songwriters perform their work on just an acoustic guitar really made me understand the anatomy of songs in a way I didn’t until I moved here,” Peters relates. “Just listening closely to other people who were good at their craft shaped me as a writer.”

#905 Mic Harrison & The Highscore
The band’s albums “Push Me On Home” (2007), “On the Right Side of the Grass” (2008) and “Great Commotion” (2010) landed the group good reviews, airplay on Americana radio stations around the country and a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base. It’s music for people who haven’t kept up with Lady Gaga’s latest outfit or Justin Bieber’s new haircut — and maybe a few who do. It’s music that relies on strong melodies, lyrics that mean something and invites you to have a good time

#906 The Delta Saints
The Delta Saints are not what they say they are. Delta? Absolutely. But saints? One might call them “cautionary tales” long before the term “saints” ever came to mind; however, there is something devout about their bayou rock, a dirty, distinct sound they’ve zealously refined. Alternating between raucous melodies and slow-burning odes to the devil in his many forms, Ben Ringel (vocals/dobro), Dylan Fitch (guitar), David Supica (bass), and Ben Azzi (drums) explore themes of difficult love, the wanderer’s high road, and the moral low road using their unconscious fascination with the classical elements – earth, air, fire, and water – as a natural vehicle for their briny narratives

#907 Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart
Few husband-wife musical duos provide audiences with the complete entertainment package that Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart dish out in a live performance. Armed with clever acoustic guitar interplay, autobiographical songwriting, lovely harmonies, and humorous storytelling this couple captivates your attention from the first moment they are onstage. Based out of Tennessee, Earle and Stuart draw from blues, pop, country, rock, and more in their heartfelt music. The years of touring the folk/Americana circuit (playing 170 concerts a year) have given them a knack for reaching out to the audience in an intimate “come in to my living room” fashion.

#908 Jimmy Davis
This versatile singer-songwriter, named "Premier Male Vocalist" five times by the Memphis Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, knows no boundaries when it comes to musical styles. Influences range from The Beatles to the Eagles, Johnny Cash and Gram Parsons to Jackson Browne. His songs have been recorded by Martina McBride, Restless Heart, Joy White, Johnny Rivers, as well as many other independent artists. Davis has appeared as a backing vocalist on numerous recordings by artists such as Johnny Lang, former Eagle Bernie Leadon, Danny Tate, Eric Gales, William Lee Golden, Mark Collie, Keith Sykes, Iris DeMent, Cory Branan, Susan Marshall, John Eddie, and the late Toy Caldwell. But it’s Jimmy’s charisma, warmth and talent as a performer that make him stand out among his well known peers.

#909 Tim Easton
Raised in Akron, OH, alt-country singer/songwriter was influenced by a combination of pop icons and bluegrass/folk legends. In 1998, he recorded his first solo album, Special 20, with session musicians in Nashville, and released it on his own Heathen Records. After inking a deal with EMI Publishing in the fall of 1999, he relocated to Los Angeles to explore scoring films and pursue a record deal.

#910 Kim Richey
Two-time Grammy-nominated Kim is a storyteller; a weaver of emotions and a tugger of heartstrings. Tender, poetic and aching with life’s truths, Kim’s songs transport you to her world, where words paint pictures and melodies touch the soul. And then there’s her voice. Pure, arresting and honest, it makes you take notice; Kim has the kind of voice where if emotions were ribbons, they’d be streaming in rainbow colors from your music player.

#911 Don Henry
Grammy Award winner Don Henry's songs have been recorded by legends like Ray Charles, Patti Page and Conway Twitty. By country crooners like: Gene Watson, John Conlee and B.J. Thomas By young hit makers of today like: Blake Shelton, Lonestar and Miranda Lambert and the list goes on. And he’s shared the stage with performers as diverse as Joey Ramone to Keith Urban. The wit and wisdom of Don's songs are widely renowned whether it's campfire favorites, the hilarious "B.F.D." and biker lullaby "Harley", to the wonderfully poignant tribute to Martin Luther King "Beautiful Fool", and of course his Grammy Award winning country classic "Where've You Been".

#912 Mountain Soul
Mountain Soul’s eclectic arrangements and honest songwriting have meshed to become an exciting new sound in Americana music. Brothers Daniel and Cory Kimbro have continued in the dynamic performance tradition they learned from their parents. Jonathan Maness brings the crucial third part to their brother harmony while incorporating a unique flat picking guitar style, and Mike Seal's refreshing resophonic and electric guitar stylings complete Mountain Soul's version of Appalachian roots music.

#913 The Flea Market Hustlers
The Flea Market Hustlers bring it, every time. Sometimes it's an infectious groove with a deep pocket, other times it's a manic bluegrass meditation on spirituality and beer, but all of the time it's a unique celebration. The Hustlers are a collection of Nashville area musicians and friends who came together as a side project to have fun playing bluegrass. With a weekly gig at the famous Millers Grocery, the Hustlers honed their skills and cultivated their unique approach to bluegrass. As the band continued to evolve, more influences from the members outside interests began to blend into the music. Soon the Hustlers took their musical menagerie of drums, electric guitars, and acoustic instruments to the local and regional club scene where they continue to play to enthusiastic crowds.

#914 Rod Picott
Rod Picott is a singer-songwriter whose music incorporates elements of Americana, alt-country, and folk. He grew up in New Hampshire, but relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 1994. After several years of playing local clubs and supporting such acts as Alison Krauss, he released his first album in 2001. As of 2008, he has released five studio albums and one live recording.

#915 Sam Lewis w/Kenny Vaughan Trio
Sam Lewis is connecting the dots whether crossing genres or state lines, he has pieced together a story people need to hear. His self-titled debut album pulls together some of Nashville’s most seasoned musicians, who have helped put the breath into a body of songs that are as straight-forward and captivating as the man who sings them.

#916 Outlaw Gospel
The brain child of Hippie Jack, himself. Outlaw gospel is a collaboration of musicians filmed at the Spring and Fall Jammin at Hippie Jack Music festivals in Overton County. This is non rehearsed spontaneous evening of music that signals the end of another great season.


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