Council of Americana Roots Music

Wilder Mountain Outreach 2018


Memorial Day Weekend Festival 2018:

 Collected 2 bus-loads and one full 1-ton cargo van stuffed with food: $12,000

 Five benefit concerts (Sanctuary shows):

 Each concert is abundantly attended, streamed live, and recorded in their entirety, with the intention of raising humanitarian awareness through live public broadcast. The result of which has been a significant increase in contributions.

 1. Genesis House Women’s Shelter (May 5, 2018)

-75 flat screen TV’s, full bus of diapers, formula, house-hold products: $9,500


 2. Veterans Benefit for Operation Stand Down Tennessee (Sept 29, 2018)

-Winter items, coats, sweaters, backpacks, etc. delivered: $10,000

-Winter items distributed locally: $5,000


3. Wilder Mountain food & coat collections, 2 full busloads: $4,000 (Oct 27, 2018)

4. Wilder Mountain food & coat collections, 2 full busloads: $4,000 (Nov 17, 2018)

5. Wilder Mountain food, coat and Christmas toy collections, 2 full busloads: $6,000 (Dec 15, 208)


Second Annual Monterey TN,  HeadStart Christmas party:

 -Wrapped gifts for 57 three and four year old children, and a pizza dinner for them and their families:



 Medical Assistance/ Funeral Expenses:

 -Jason Music – funeral expenses: $7,500

-Larry Gates – mortgage expenses due to brain tumor: $5,000

-Stephen (Pookie) Threet – Gall Stone Surgery: $800.00



 This is an interesting model. We have provided jobs there, cutting $6,780 worth of fire wood and we have distributed the same $6,780 (113 ricks of wood). This doubles the local impact of this outreach program by not only providing firewood, but also employment.

-2018 78 ricks: $4,680

-2019 January 35 ricks: $2,100

-Total impact: $13,560


Reach Academy:

 -Food & backpack assistance:  $461.32

 Various utility bills:

 -Electric bills paid 2018:  $2, 729.98 (19 families)

-Electric bills paid January 2019: $350.00 (4 families)

 -Rent bills paid 2018: $1,150 (3 families)

-Rent bills paid January 2019: $400(2 families)

 -Water bills paid 2018: $724.75 (9 families)

-Water bills paid January 2019: $55.13 (1 family)

 -Propane bills paid 2018: $333.30 (1 family)

-Propane bills paid January 2019: $56.30 (1 family)

 -Repairs and labor 2018: $2,317.75 (3 families)

-Repairs and labor January 2019: $49.03


Pet food:

 -Dog food 43 fifty pound bags: $900.00

-Cat food 17 bags: $170.00



 It is difficult for us to attach an absolute value to the clothing collected. Between the $10,000 of winter items donated to Operation Stand Down Tennessee for veterans and the 1,000+ children’s coats collected and distributed; the figure is well over $20,000. This is just a fraction of what comes in and goes out.



Over $100,000


As people have grown accustomed to donating necessities by leaving it in our drop zone (the Hippie Bus), we noticed a radical increase in anonymous donations and pick-ups. Multiple times a week people show up, donate provisions, and leave without a word. Certain others know to show up, collect goods for themselves and/or other people, and leave without a word. This autonomy adds dignity to the process; people do not come here begging for supplies, we simply stock them for those who need it.

Feed the hungry.


-Hippie Jack